Saturday, January 5, 2013

Scandal Style: Huck

When your line of work involves assassinations and covering up evidence, you probably don't have the time to worry about fashion. But "Scandal's" Huck has a distinct, uber-casual style that you can mimic for the "Scandal" Premiere Party on Jan. 10.

His uniform is a simple one that revolves around comfort and practicality. To achieve his look, stick to the three basic layers:

The Tee or Henley: Usually, Huck can be seen sporting one underneath another shirt. He tends to lean towards the solid crewneck variety.

The Button Down: On one of the final episodes of Season 2, Huck wore a chambray button down - a rare departure from his low-effort uniform. He's typically seen in dark, plaid patterns, like the button down pictured below from the local menswear store, Bloke.

The Full Zip Hoodie: This is a staple in Huck's wardrobe, and he's often seen wearing one of these in a solid color over one or two of the aforementioned layers. Functional, no frills.

*Style Tip* Huck doesn't have time to tuck in his shirts, but he does occasionally roll up the sleeves of his button down, especially when there's dirty work involved!

Scandal Style: Huck

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