Monday, January 7, 2013

Scandal Style: Harrison Wright

There's no denying the fact that Harrison Wright is the eye candy on "Scandal." His confidence and tailored suits are enough to make any Scandalista tune in every week. If you're a gentleman planning to attend the Scandal Premiere Party as this handsome character, then here are a few essentials to look for in your look:

The Suit: The suits are generally single breasted, 2-buttoned and tailored.  If wearing a 2-piece isn't your speed, look for a vest with matching flat-front slacks or wear a dress shirt with tailored trousers and suspenders.

The Shirt: This character is usually seen in softer pastels. You can't go wrong with a solid, gingham or striped print, especially when you're matching the shirt with contrasting tie patterns.

The Tie: Stick to strong patterns and don't aim for subtle. Rarely, if ever, is this character seen on the show with a solid-color tie. We love this combination of the circle tie paired with the gingham shirt shown above.

Scandal Style: Harrison Wright

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